Smallholder Systems Innovations

Key Program Activities

Knowledge building and advancement of science

  • Carry out annual SSI scientific workshops
  • Establish collaboration with local institutions
  • Establish collaborative links with WaterNet and Warfsa
  • Establish collaborative links with RELMA/Sida
  • Start the research work on the 6 programme projects:
    • Project 1: Adaptive development of system innovations
    • Project 2: Upgrading rainfed agriculture through system innovations
    • Project 3: Building resilience of the eco-hydrological landscape: Dynamics of ecosystems and farming systems under intensification of rainfed agriculture
    • Project 4: Balancing water for food and ecosystems at watershed and river basin scale: Integrated hydrological and remote sensing modelling
    • Project 5: Watershed planning of system innovations: Spatial mapping of environmental and hydrological determinants
    • Project 6: Enabling environment for innovation adoption – Institutions, economics and policy
  • Publish research results in scientific journals
  • Sharing of knowledge:
    • Knowledge Base of the Global Dialogue
    • Comprehensive Assessment of Water Management in Agriculture
    • Policy development at the Sida Regional Land Management Unit
  • Publish a book on the research programme
  • Hold 2 workshops on water for food and nature in the region

Human capacity building in IWRM

  • Establish strong sandwich programmes for regional students (North-South collaboration)
  • Host a minimum of 2 MSc student per year in the study basins
  • Curriculum development and teaching within the WaterNet Master Programme.
  • Participate at the annual WaterNet/Warfsa Symposia

Support to institutional, planning and policy development in IWRM

  • Facilitate Dialogues between stakeholder on sharing of water between food and nature (Together with the Global Dialogue on Water for Food and Environmental Security)
  • Host workshops with water managers and watersheds councils sharing outcome of the programme research
  • Develop and document institutional arrangements and policy advice on adoption of water system innovations and sustainable watershed management